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White House staff awaiting Trump is just plain stunning…

While President Obama talks a good talk (for a change) about doing everything he can to work with President-Elect Trump to ensure a smooth transition of power, there are still signs of bitterness that peek through the veneer. Such as the fact that the Obamas canceled the traditional First Families photo, intended to feature outgoing First Family Barack and Michelle along with incoming First Family Donald and Melania. You know what they say about actions speaking louder than words, of course. And if you had any doubt about the true feelings of those in the Obama camp about the prospect – now a foregone conclusion – of Donald Trump administration succeeding them, here are your pictures worth a couple thousand words. Here’s the Obama White House staff awaiting the visit of President-Elect Trump today – see Josh Not-So-Earnest looking particularly not-so today:

And yesterday, as they watched Obama deliver his remarks about ensuring a smooth transition of power. (Yep, Valerie ‘Rasputin’ Jarrett doesn’t look too happy, does she?)

Their “curbed” enthusiasm is understandable, of course, when you consider they must realize everything they’ve worked for during the past eight years is not only at risk but likely under attack with the new administration, along with the Republican majority in Congress.

Perhaps we can recommend they retreat to a safe space… like somewhere far, far away from Washington, DC.

[This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]

Demand Accountability


It has been a terrible week for President Obama. As we learn more about the Benghazi falsehoods, illegal IRS investigations, and spying on the media, it is clear the Obama Administration has gone rogue. We cannot stand idly by while this Administration ignores the rule of law. Republicans in Congress are working hard to find answers, but we need your help.

Sign the petition and demand accountability from President Obama and his Administration.

Sharon Day
RNC Co-Chair

The Market Today, Markets Recover from Fake Tweet

US equities finished nicely higher, courtesy of a plethora of upbeat US earnings reports and a favorable read on new home sales, more than offsetting some disappointing news from across the pond that pressured markets early in the day. However, fear on the Street quickly boiled over midday as a result of a fake AP Tweet alluding to explosions at the White House and an injured President Obama, sending stocks on a 143-point roller-coaster ride downward and back, a blip in trading that only lasted for less than four minutes. Overseas, Chinese manufacturing activity slowed more than expected, and eurozone business activity remained in contraction territory, but sentiment was aided by an upbeat Spanish debt auction, as well as increased speculation of further stimulus from the European Central Bank. Meanwhile, Dow members Travelers Companies and DuPont both bested analysts’ expectations, and profits from Texas Instruments, Netflix, and Coach also beat estimates, while Dow component United Technologies posted mixed results. Treasuries reversed course and moved lower following the upbeat US data, but a separate report showed an unexpected contraction in Mid-Atlantic manufacturing activity. Gold and crude oil prices were lower, while the US dollar was higher.The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) rose 152 points (1.1%) to 14,719, the S&P 500 Index gained 16 points (1.0%) to 1,579, and the Nasdaq Composite gained 35 points (1.1%) to 3,269. In moderate volume, 684 million shares were traded on the NYSE, and 1.7 billion shares changed hands on the Nasdaq. WTI crude oil declined by a penny to $89.18 per barrel, wholesale gasoline was $0.04 lower at $2.77 per gallon, and the Bloomberg gold spot price fell $13.08 to $1,413.37 per ounce. Elsewhere, the Dollar Index-a comparison of the US dollar to six major world currencies-was 0.4% higher at 83.04